Grades 9-12

SIDES offers a full range of BC secondary academic and elective courses for students in grades 9 - 12. Our courses are customized for students who want to take a course or two to supplement their secondary school timetable or for students who would like a full SIDES course load. Yes - you really can graduate from SIDES!

SIDES staff are skilled at working with and supporting their students online. The courses at SIDES are offered through the password protected SIDES Online Learning Management System. Each online course provides instruction and assessment through text, video, interactive activities, online discussions and/or interviews as well as a variety of other differentiated instructional strategies and supports for students.

There are no tuition fees for school-aged students who are residents of British Columbia. Click here for more information on International fees and textbook deposits.

Students who are interested in knowing more about graduation from SIDES or about scholarship opportunities for post-secondary schools should contact one of our counsellors.